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Marc H., Rainier, WA

Melissa has been the perfect advisor at the perfect time for me.  I just had my 4th reading with her.  She’s got a style that is very practical and she’s thorough and very detailed.  She’s also a very good listener, repeats back what she hears me saying to be sure she understands me.  I felt like she came across as “being in service”, and she really delivers in terms of giving solid, useful support from the spirits she is able to communicate with.  She’s also honest and delivers it with respect and kindness; she seems to hit things right on the head regarding me and my situation. Melissa has a sincere “vibe” that she naturally exudes, and you get the sense that she really wants to help you make the best decision for yourself.  She’s got your best interests at heart. She’s endeavors to focus upon on what I want, and I felt like her clients really come first with her.  I appreciate her and am grateful for her assistance.

Marc H., Rainier, WA

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