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What makes Melissa stand out from other psychics?
I have been tested and selected as one of Top 50 Psychics in the United States by Jennifur Diamond. I’m featured in Top 50 Psychics & Mediums in the United States (2016).

If we webcam, I draw pictures of the images I receive which helps me better communicate what I perceive. I scan them to you after, as this is a visual take-away to have and reflect upon later. I record your session and send it electronically afterward. The recording allows the client to get the most from our time together by going back to listen to it later. I delete the recordings afterward, as your confidentiality is important to me.

Does a psychic know everything about me right away? Can he or she read my mind?

No, I am not a mind reader! I have a specific process I follow to connect in with my clients, and my intent is to provide clients with guidance, not to try to read minds! This being said, if you have any expectations please discuss it with me first. Each psychic works differently so please communicate any questions, concerns, or expectations you may have prior to starting our session.


Does a reading over the telephone, Skype, or FaceTime really work? It seems like in-person would be most effective.

Yes, distance readings are just as effective as in-person readings. I work with a person’s energy, which can be felt from anywhere. As long as my client on the other end comes with an open-mind and heart, we will easily connect. The results are the same regardless of which method you choose to use for our reading.


Do I need to do anything to prepare for our reading?

It is helpful to prepare a list of topics you’d like to explore during our session. If you have specific questions I encourage you to have them with you, too. Good questions get good answers, and the more general your questions are, the more general answers your guides will give. If you are struggling to come up with “good questions” I will help formulate them during our session.

If you’re trying to connect with someone who’s passed on, having pictures or objects of that person’s with you can be useful, also, though it’s not necessary. You’re welcome to e-mail me photos in advance if that’s more convenient.


How does connecting with passed-on loved ones work?

When trying to connect you to a passed-on loved one, I prefer we ask that person to step forward by name. There is energy associated with a person’s name, and asking your loved-one to step forward provides me with a starting point to work with.

I find this approach works best, as it “sets the stage” for the spotlight to be focused on that person only. I’ve attempted in the past to ask anyone associated with the client to step forward from the Other Side and I’ve found this isn’t always effective. It opens the doors for many spirits at once to come forth, which can be confusing because they send mixed signals of who is coming through. Also, clients often expect someone in particular to come through who may not. To avoid disappointment, calling out the spirit by name helps achieve the best results.

Once I have the person’s name we’re trying to reach. I do my best to describe any symbols I’m being shown, feelings about them, personality traits/characteristics, etc. that would let you know that indeed I’m connected in with that person and their energy. Once you feel sure we are connected, I move forward asking that spirit to share any messages for you and your loved ones, as well as for signs or symbols you can be on the lookout for, to know that this person is still around you.

Bringing photos or objects of that person helps me to connect to their energy as well. It is not mandatory you present a photo or an object but it does help. You’re welcome to e-mail me photos in advance if that’s more convenient. If doing a distance reading, you can have the person’s belongings with you, as that also provides the spirit’s energy for me to connect into.

It occasionally happens that we’re unable to connect in with a passed-on loved one. This may happen because they are unavailable energetically, their energy isn’t coming through strong enough for me to make a solid connection, or sometimes it isn’t meant to be for whatever reason.  If I am struggling because their energy isn’t coming through strong enough or am unable to do so, I will let you know.


What if I’m skeptical of psychics?

Keep in mind that if you approach our reading with doubts or skepticism, you create an energetic wall or barrier, making it very difficult for me to connect with you. The more relaxed and open you are, the better our results are. You sought out my services for a reason, and coming as open as possible will provide you with the best outcome.


How am I going to know if a psychic is “real” or not?

I ask you to give me 15 minutes to fully connect in with your energy. I start readings by sharing a few random thoughts/feelings/visions that come to me about you that can connect to your past/present/future. Most of the time they make sense and I continue connecting with you from this point forward. If after 15 minutes you feel we aren’t connecting, please communicate that to me and we will end our session. Like anything in life, once in a while a client and I do not “click” and if I’m having trouble connecting with you, I will let you know, and I hope you do the same.

I’d encourage you to read reviews clients have written about working with me. I think they’ll help you better understand what my style is like and what others have to say.


Why would a psychic ask me some questions? Wouldn’t he or she already know the answers to these things?

Psychics aren’t mind readers! Therefore, I do not have all the answers! There are times I might ask you questions during the session purely to make sure the question I’m asking to Spirit is as focused as possible. I might rephrase your question in a more specific, targeted way, and ask you if my rephrasing sounds like what you want to ask.

I might also ask you a question about something I’m seeing (without you telling me the answer) and I’ll explain why I’m asking it. I do my best to articulate why something comes up as a question at times so that you understand I’m not fishing for information. It purely serves a purpose to move the reading along in an appropriate manner/pace if I have full understanding of your needs/context around our topics being discussed.


Am I going to hear bad things that will happen to me?

I begin each session with a prayer to your Spirit Guides asking them to bring forth message for our highest and best through the White light of protection, which means anything deemed “negative” or “dark” will not be allowed to enter our consciousness, as our Guides are protecting us from it. If I do share something with you during our session that is unexpected, please understand it’s coming through for your highest and best. With this in mind, please only ask questions that you are ready to hear answers to. I will not and do not ask questions pertaining to one’s own death, or anything else that isn’t for our highest and best to know.


Do you use tools (like tarot cards, pendulums, crystal balls, etc.) during a reading?

I primarily use my connection to Spirit and source energy to provide information for you.  I pull one card from my card deck prior to the start of our session (which I read its meaning to you at the end) – this is usually the “cherry on top” as it will most likely pertain to some aspect of our reading.


Does a psychic’s ability work all the time, or is it just when the psychic is focused?

Everyone works differently. I prefer to turn my abilities “on” and “off” when I work with you. You’ll notice I begin and end all sessions with a clear invitation/closure for our spirit guides, teachers, loved ones, and angels to deliver messages through the white light. This works best for me so I’m not bombarded with spiritual activity before or after working with you. My intuition is always ready and available, though I do set clear boundaries to avoid spiritual overload. At any time during our session, please feel free to ask anything that will enhance your experience – my concentration will not be broken.


What if I’m uncomfortable at any point during our reading?

If you become uncomfortable for any reason during our session please communicate that to me. We can discuss how to proceed from that point. I respect you and your feelings, and will never force anyone to stay longer than what they are comfortable with – the choice is completely up to you.


What’s your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your appointment, please provide as much notice as possible.


In the event you cancel your appointment within 24 hours or miss our appointment for any reason, you will be charged 50% of the cost of your reading due to short notice.


This is an appointment-based practice and canceling with short notice, showing up late, or simply not showing up is disruptive for my schedule and unfair for other clients. You are making a commitment to yourself, and to me and my time. Your respect in this matter is greatly appreciated.



Good Tips to Keep in Mind:
  • Come prepared with an open-heart and open-mind.
  • Ask only questions you want to hear answers to.
  • Remember: Good questions get good answers. That means that periodically a psychic may ask more specific questions about what you’re asking. This ensures the best questions is being asked to your Guides. I like to focus in on what you need to ask. Approaching questions with a broad perspective lends itself to receiving a general response.


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