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Melissa has been the perfect advisor at the perfect time for me.  I just had my 4th reading with her.  She’s got a style that is very practical and she’s thorough and very detailed.  She’s also a very good listener, repeats back what she hears me saying to be sure she understands me.  I felt like she came across as “being in service”, and she really delivers in terms of giving solid, useful support from the spirits she is able to communicate with.  She’s also honest and delivers it with respect and kindness; she seems to hit things right on the head regarding me and my situation. Melissa has a sincere “vibe” that she naturally exudes, and you get the sense that she really wants to help you make the best decision for yourself.  She’s got your best interests at heart. She’s endeavors to focus upon on what I want, and I felt like her clients really come first with her.  I appreciate her and am grateful for her assistance.

Marc H., Rainier, WA

My reading with Melissa is something I will remember forever. Melissa is an awesome psychic medium. She is extremely accurate with dates and other evidentiary details. She was able to connect with my husband who passed away recently and described his personality to a T. I admire her for her sense of honesty and integrity. She only has the best interests of her client at heart. She is very patient and gives you time to have all your questions answered. She has the ability to look into the future and guide you on any issue which might be causing you concern. I will definitely be reaching out to her again in the near future for another reading. Thank you Melissa for helping me connect with my beloved husband.

Tina B., Bellevue, WA

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My friend gave me a reading with Melissa as a gift. What an amazing gift! It was super easy to set up my appointment using her web site, and she called me on the dot. My reading was done by phone as I am in Washington State (she also can Skype). Melissa is very warm, she made me feel comfortable, explained the process and delivered a wonderful reading. Melissa told me things that there is no way she could have known (and nailed my personality to a T). I LOVED the reading! If you are considering a reading.. just do it, make your appointment, write a few questions down and get ready to be stunned.

Bissynut S., Raleigh Yelp

What was most astonishing was that I barely had to say anything at all and Melissa gave me an extremely thorough reading. She was clear, understandable and nothing seemed to be a problem to ask. She doesn't simply answer your question; she gives you as much insight as possible. You can ask about loved ones that have passed or those still around you. It is uncanny the amount of information she provides. And she always asks if you're ready to move on or if you need more time on that particular question. My first session left me with an incredibly calm and satisfied feeling. The second time simply confirmed it. If you need to feel in touch with someone that's no longer here, or need clarity on a situation or person, I urge you to call Melissa. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Sheila K., Boston Yelp

We are so fortunate to have Melissa living in our area, but if you don't live here she also offers Skype and phone sessions. Upon entering my session with Melissa, she did a cleansing and a prayer. She explained what she was going to do. From the moment she "opened the door" to her guides, she hit the nail on the head with everything she said. It truly blew my mind and answered so many questions I had about the future. She draws pictures and explains their meaning. You can ask questions as well. A few days later she sends you an email with your session to listen to. I have done so yet as  I am still processing everything she said. I was a believer when I walked in, and I left the same. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is open to this.

Paula E., Raleigh Yelp

I've had readings done by Melissa several times in the last year as I found her through Seattle Yelp.  I was at first disappointed to find she had moved, but then quickly found out she does readings over the phone and Skype.  I had never done a reading over the phone, but Melissa explained how she works and any concerns were put to rest.  I have several positive experiences with psychic readings, and I found Melissa to be reliable, positive, and honestly spot on.  Each time I've gone to her with questions, she has given me many answers.  I would totally recommend her.  :)  I've walked away with a continued hopeful, positive outlook on my life.

Chris G., Raleigh Yelp

After having several sessions with Melissa since 2013, I feel I can offer a legitimate positive review of her and her business. Melissa will help you understand the properties and nature of the spiritual world. She doesn't assume that you know all about spirituality, nor assumes that you believe or do not believe in the spiritual realm. She makes sure to share some basic assumptions and beliefs with you about spiritual things, so you understand what she is talking about, where she is coming from, and to enlighten you as well. She is not pushy or presumptuous when she explains concepts, and is not disconcerted if you express that you have doubt, disagree, or have a different experience. There are times during a reading with her that I don't really know what topic I would like to explore next. She helps develop the conversation and reading, even if I'm not sure what I want to know about. I have always found her to be very courteous and engaged in the moment/present. In case you are wondering, she looks and acts like a regular person - no giant crystal ball, no headkerchief, no 2-inch long bright red fingernails with red lips to match. She's a regular person with an extraordinary gift which she realized and developed. For me, she has helped my spirit guides communicate with me, as well as helped me connect with a loved one that has passed. She is totally legit. Set up just one session with her just to see.

Michelle M., Raleigh Yelp

Melissa helped my mom and I gain clarity after the tragic death of my sister. She was able to give us clear details that no one else would know. Her connection and messages gave comfort to us both. We finally were able to sleep after meeting with her. The police had not been able to help give us the whys, but Melissa was able to connect and gave us more than we could have ever expected or hoped for in a single reading. I would highly recommend her to any one grieving the loss of a loved one. Her connection is astounding!

Wendy Y., Raleigh Yelp

I've been meaning to update this for some time now but wanted to touch base on my reading.  Prior to that reading, I had been seeing crazy times (11:11, 1:11 and 3:33) everyday.  I asked her about this and she told me that it was my guarding angels letting me know they were present and watching over me.  At that reading, she told me that I would meet my partner between March and June of 2011.  I had been single for years at that point, so it's not like I am in and out of relationships.  Indeed, I did meet my partner on April 8th of that year (my deceased cousin's birthday whom I was very close to) and everything she stated about him was exact.  Everything about him sounded more like a 38 year old (as I told her) but she insisted that he was 32.  She also discussed the unique situation of his family life.  To my surprise, all of those things were factual and the most interesting part:  he sees the number 333 all the time too and even has a tattoo of "333" on his hip. Melissa ROCKS!

Anthony I., Seattle Yelp

If I could give Melissa 10 stars I would!   After reading the positive reviews on Yelp, I went and saw Melissa for a 30 minute reading.  From the start of our session, Melissa tapped into exactly what I had been feeling about my life for quite some time.  She was very detailed and specific and offered advice on how I could overcome this "slump" I've been experiencing.  I had been on several interviews for a new job, and I asked her if she saw anything coming my way.  She said yes, I would be getting a new job within 2-3 weeks.  As I had been interviewing with several companies I asked her if she had any information on which job would be coming my way.  She went into great detail not only about the type of work I'd be doing, but also explained the environment and culture of the company.  I knew immediately which job she was speaking about.  The next day, I received a call with a job offer, and training will start in 2 weeks! I have been fortunate to have had reading from other legitimate psychics before, but non were as accurate as Melissa.  She was 100% accurate in the information she gave me and since my meeting with her, I've followed the advice I was given and my whole outlook/attitude toward the direction my life has gone has changed 180 degrees. Melissa is the real deal, and I can't wait to go back for another reading.   I've since recommened her to several friends, one of which has already had a reading with similiar results.

Bob D., Seattle Yelp

Just finished my first reading with Melissa about an hour ago and am amazed.  We did a phone reading and within the first few lines my jaw was dropped and all I could mouth was 'wow'.   I sat there nodding with tears streaming down my face because she was so on point the whole time. I will return to her many times over.  :)

Jenny R., Seattle Yelp

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