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Anthony I., Seattle Yelp

I've been meaning to update this for some time now but wanted to touch base on my reading.  Prior to that reading, I had been seeing crazy times (11:11, 1:11 and 3:33) everyday.  I asked her about this and she told me that it was my guarding angels letting me know they were present and watching over me.  At that reading, she told me that I would meet my partner between March and June of 2011.  I had been single for years at that point, so it's not like I am in and out of relationships.  Indeed, I did meet my partner on April 8th of that year (my deceased cousin's birthday whom I was very close to) and everything she stated about him was exact.  Everything about him sounded more like a 38 year old (as I told her) but she insisted that he was 32.  She also discussed the unique situation of his family life.  To my surprise, all of those things were factual and the most interesting part:  he sees the number 333 all the time too and even has a tattoo of "333" on his hip. Melissa ROCKS!

Anthony I., Seattle Yelp

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