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Michelle M., Raleigh Yelp

After having several sessions with Melissa since 2013, I feel I can offer a legitimate positive review of her and her business. Melissa will help you understand the properties and nature of the spiritual world. She doesn't assume that you know all about spirituality, nor assumes that you believe or do not believe in the spiritual realm. She makes sure to share some basic assumptions and beliefs with you about spiritual things, so you understand what she is talking about, where she is coming from, and to enlighten you as well. She is not pushy or presumptuous when she explains concepts, and is not disconcerted if you express that you have doubt, disagree, or have a different experience. There are times during a reading with her that I don't really know what topic I would like to explore next. She helps develop the conversation and reading, even if I'm not sure what I want to know about. I have always found her to be very courteous and engaged in the moment/present. In case you are wondering, she looks and acts like a regular person - no giant crystal ball, no headkerchief, no 2-inch long bright red fingernails with red lips to match. She's a regular person with an extraordinary gift which she realized and developed. For me, she has helped my spirit guides communicate with me, as well as helped me connect with a loved one that has passed. She is totally legit. Set up just one session with her just to see.

Michelle M., Raleigh Yelp

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