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Psychic Children


Do you know a child who experiences psychic phenomenon such as seeing someone you do not, like an imaginary friend?


Does this child have an “inner knowing” of things around them?


Does he or she often complain of not feeling well or having aches/pains in his/her body?


Maybe your child is having trouble fitting in with other peers because he or she feels different.


Children have special gifts and talents but need help developing them. Having grown up as a psychic child, I relate to the difficulties children today experience. It can often be scary to know things you should not know, or feel different from the others around you. In my case, I didn’t have a word for what I experienced. Never did I think I could be a psychic, though psychic phenomenon happened to me. I never gave myself credit for the things that would happen. Instead I would just think “Huh, that’s weird,” and move on. At some point, I shut myself off to developing my abilities further because it was weird, and I didn’t talk about it with many people.


To help the psychic children of today’s generation, I offer classes for psychic children ages 5 — 18 to hone in on their special gifts, and I offer suggestions to families how to support their psychic child(ren). I teach classes over a period of 5 sessions for children who are local to the Rochester, NY area. I am also available to travel to different destinations for the weekend, conducting a two-day workshop (3 hours each day) at a local spiritual/metaphysical location like a bookstore. As an added bonus, your child(ren) will make connections with other kids in the local area who are similar to him or her. Parents are always welcome to accompany their child(ren) to these classes for supervision.



How do you know if your child is psychic?

I use this survey as a tool to guide my instruction for classes being taught. You may download it for your child to fill  out to best understand if your child experiences psychic phenomenon. I use the information from the survey to tailor classes to each individual’s needs as it shows areas of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. It is important to give your child the opportunity to answer the questions as open and honestly as possible. You may be quite surprised at what you find out about your child(ren)’s special gifts! When finished, you are welcome to scan/e-mail the finished survey or mail it to me (please ask for my mailing address).



What makes Melissa qualified to teach children?

I am a natural teacher at heart. I attended SUNY College at Brockport in New York state  and graduated in 2002 and 2003 with my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education. I taught second grade for four years. During my time teaching, I worked with many children who were spiritually gifted. As a teacher I wanted to reach out to these children and families who needed my help, but I was unable to help them develop spiritually because of restraints in the public schools system. This is what gave me the idea to create classes for intuitive children who could benefit from my teaching skills and intuitive knowledge.



Classes for Psychic Children:

Initial Consult, 1 hour: $100
Includes a recorded copy of our session, the drawings I create from images Spirit provides while we’re in the session, and a write up of the unique plan for helping your child given his or her needs.


Three 1 hour sessions = $90/session

Six 1 hour sessions = $85/session


I offer classes to kids and adults focusing on understanding intuition, providing tools how to use it, etc.  All classes for psychic children are based upon individual needs. I tailor lessons to each child providing the most individualized instruction possible!



Resources for Parents of Psychic Children:

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